Eurovision Song Contest Drinking Game

A brief guide to TV drinking games

Television drinking games are celebrations of cliche. The idea is to have a small drink every time a cliche is shown, and a large drink every time a cliche is broken. The original TV drinking game was allegedly the Dallas drinking game, where you had to match any drink that any character was shown having. Dangerous stuff.

In this drinking game, there are three sizes of drink; in ascending order: sip, slurp and chug. Please scale these to the drink you're having. For beer, they would be about a swig, a full mouthful, and three gulps respectively. For spirits, they would be about a quarter, a half and a whole shot glass respectively.

Have fun, but know your limits!

The Game

Unless stated otherwise, all events listed below deserve one sip.


There are always two presenters on screen, a Host and a Hostess. Each broadcaster usually provides an additional Commentator to provide voice-over translations, background information and witty sarcasm.

Performances — general points

For future reference (see Judging below), make a note of any:

Appearance of performers

Singers and back-up vocalists

Dancers and musicians

Television coverage and venue


Optional extras

Regional voting

Here are some of the alleged "mutual voting societies" to look out for at the Contest: